Repeal and Replace?


The first thing that comes to mind for any American who hears the words “repeal and replace” (or R&R) is the Obamacare issue in the senate and their polarized views on it. But, the polarization didn’t start there (nor does it stop there), it began long before that with the great divide our country has in everything political.

I question the veracity of the word “United” concernUntitleding the States of North America. Perhaps it’s time to R&R our name. Here in the DFW area, there is much talk about changing things by which a small segment of the population is offend. It’s certainly a “squeaky wheel gets the grease” response. But, it’s being done nonetheless.

There are several things presently underway. There is a removal (or repeal) of memorials which some insist represent (the currently popular buzz phrase) “white supremacy,” they do not belong in public forums. Many of these memorials have managed to stand where they are for over 100 years without any real squabbles. Now there is a great urgency to get rid of them as soon as possible. However, their removal has certainly not calmed any racial divisions. Some people want to repeal street and city park names and replace them with something new for the same reason. Again, no less prejudice is gained. Folks have reprimanded those who had confederate flags, yet I personally know folks of many races that all appreciate the “rebel” flag.

Realistically, what monument to any person should exist? All are sinners. Every monument is in memoriam of someone who was a sinner. Since the focus has become “who cares what good things they may have done,” if all we are going to do is focus on the negative then who should have any public remembrance? There are so many things that can cause offense and apparently that is the key to changing these many things. Obamacare falls in the same area where it is becoming less the issue than it is a weapon, or at the very least a rally flag to proclaim victory or reflect defeat.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the term R&R were something that had even more meaning and value? We need to R&R the things showing that these so called United States are not really united at all. How about as Christians we R&R the things that get in the way of our faithfully attending worship every Sunday morning. There is a desperate need for God’s children to repeal and replace a host of things in their lives that interfere with their proper relationship and stewardship with and for Christ. Let’s R&R the sinful sides of politics that divide friends and family. The problems are even deep within our/my own denomination as we have a name claiming “harmony” (a synonym of a sort for being united), Concordia. Anyone who has ever been to one of our Synodical meetings knows how great the divide is, caused by all sides and beginning with the Synod President on down. We certainly have to remember the fingers pointing back at ourselves as we “preach” to others.

The Reformation was an effort to R&R corruption within the church with a right understanding of the Scriptures and God’s love, forgiveness, mercy and grace. That reformation is still underway as is a counter reformation movement that would divide us even further. So, the church is no better than the country.

Change can happen. It begins with the people who make up the church. If we will begin to R&R the sin which so easily entangles us (consider the Biblical woman who swept clean her house) and “hear the word of God and obey it,” the reformation can begin again. First in our lives, next in the church, then in our country, and finally around the world? We won’t know unless we try. Will you join me?

Pastor Bill