Bible Thumper

Recently I was labeled as a Christian Bible Thumper by someone online. The manner in which the person used this term was intended to be an insult. What they didn’t understand is that as a Christian, any Christian, all Christians should be Bible Thumpers.


The term in sometimes understood to mean someone who uses the Bible as an affront to other people who don’t follow the Word. However, a simpler use is that it is someone who seeks to impose their Christian beliefs on others. In fact, in the exchange we were having, I never sought to change the person or to influence them over to my mindset, I was only expressing that the Scriptures are the basis for my mindset and thus guide my words and faith. Thinking about that more in the time after the exchanges were complete, I came to hope that I would be a Bible Thumper and so should every Christian.

We are called to take the Word of God into the world and teach all people, everywhere. If we are not seeking to bring the Word of God into the lives of everyone, and seeking guide them in transforming their lives through the Word of God and a relationship with Jesus, we are not fulfilling our Christian responsibility. The Bible is the Word of God and it should be our only source and norm for all our faith life and beliefs.

If we are living by any other code or creed, it dare not be in conflict with God’s Word. If we are following any other path, we are not following Jesus and if we are not following Jesus, we will not be saved. So, YES!, thump the Bible. Seek to bring light to those living in darkness. Make the effort to influence them away from their sinful mindsets. We should want to impose our belief on others because without it, without a faith in Jesus, well, we know of no other way of salvation.

If we are not seeking to change them, can we truly say we love them. If you love someone, are you willing to let them go to Hell without having made any effort to show them Jesus? This is certainly not the Love that God has shown to us.

The world is more receptive to your Christian witness right now that at any other time of the year. With the lights, decorations and Christmas music playing in the stores and adorning the neighborhoods, we have an easy reference and starting point for conversations about Christ. Don’t let this great opportunity for witness pass you by without seeking to share your faith with someone or helping them to know Christ (and that catch phrase that is popularized) as the reason for the season.

Keep the Word of God close to your heart and deep in your spirit. Talk about Jesus. Thump when necessary, without any concern about influencing them to change their hearts and minds for Jesus. That is our goal after all. We are to bring Christ to the nations. Jesus can dispel and heal the darkness, the erring, the lost in life. Jesus can change the heart of the non-believer. But, they have to hear the Word before they can know how to follow Him and they can’t follow Him, if they don’t know Him.

Pastor Bill (thumper of Bibles)