Summer Slow Down – Yeah, Right!

NoGranadaSome folks think that things slow down in the summer months at church. At Holy Cross things are even busier than normal. In the month of June we have a flurry of events taking place.

The first weekend of June is the Texas District Convention for the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (the LC-MS). My wife Kathryn and I are doing something we have never done before in that she is serving as the lay delegate for Holy Cross and will be attending the convention with me June 4-6. I look forward to sharing the works of our District as we prepare for the national convention next year in St. Louis. I’ll share some things through our Facebook page at Holy Cross. If you have not already gone there to “Like” the page, you may want to do so if you want to hear about what is going on in the mission and ministry of the Texas District.

<> is the home webpage for our congregation. This was a wonderful rebuild of our old website that Peter and Nicki Karaganis did for us. You can find a link to the Facebook page there. You have to click on the “Like” Capture button that in the top picture on the page to get the information posted sent to your page.

Because of Facebook peculiarities, this doesn’t always get the info sent to you, but it helps. To be certain to stay up to date, there are a couple of FB “tricks,” but the easiest thing would be just to check the page regularly.

The second week of June, the 8th-12th, is VBS, as soon as the kids are out of school. It’s an exciting time in which I hope many of you are participating. I can almost guarantee our week long “Christ Camp” adventure will not be rained out as many have experienced lately. Perhaps you remember the old song “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh,” a hit single in 1963. (If not, you really should look it up and give it a listen.) The poor kid at Camp Granada had such a miserable start to his camp experience, but as the rains moved on he decided that it was a pretty awesome place. We sometimes see that, the children are uncertain about participating or just being left by their parents, but by weeks end they have all had such a wonderful experience. I believe from start to finish this is going to be a wonderful week.

The following week several things are taking place at once. The Jr. High youth are going on a mission trip to Moore Oklahoma. The plan was to help clean up from the devastation of the tornadoes they experienced in 2013, from which they still had not recovered. But, then in March of this year they got hit again. So it really is a “God Thing” that they had already planned to go there since the need is far greater now.

Other June happenings: Preschool begins for the summer program on June 16, I hope you have your registrations done already; Holy Cross has our first ever adult mission trip, to Belize, from June 13-20 with 5 folks from Holy Cross participating; We observe Father’s Day during worship on the 21st, focusing especially on our great Heavenly Father; the Sunday School age kids all move up a grade in their classes on June 28th; plus all the regular meetings and events which are ongoing.

Who said it would slow down during the Summer?              Pastor Bill