A Terrorist or a Duck?

military duckYou’ve likely heard the old phrase, “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, chances are, it’s a duck.” The same holds true for many things in life. While you may not be able to judge a book by its cover, once you read it, you know what it’s about…you shouldn’t deny its testimony.

There are those who would seek to harm Christians, Jews and those of any other faith, who call themselves ISIS. They are terrorists by definition of their actions and they are Islamic by name and faith. Islam is a religion, Muslim are the people who follow the Islamic faith. So when U.S. government officials refer to ISIS/ISIL and want to separate the idea of their being Islamic or Muslim from the terroristic actions of these people, they are being at best disingenuous.

We have always known that there are “radical” Christians. As Christians, we are used to being lumped together every time something negative hits the news committed by an individual or group. Many years ago when a crazed individual bombed an abortion clinic, I remember the charges of the press against Christianity in general, these radicals and their beliefs and actions. Whenever there has been a boycott of this or that by a Christian group or denomination there is an attempt to tie all Christianity into the extremist position. Major issues are along the dividing lines of Christianity between the “enlightened” or “liberal” side and the “conservative” mindsets. Issues such as abortion, homosexuality, and various other things are perceived as controversial and attack points against mainstream Christianity.

However, when we hear discussions nowadays about Islamic radicals, there is a cautious side step around calling them followers of Islam. They define themselves as Islamic, but our elected officials and even some of the media choose to try and call them something else saying no, they are not Islamic, because followers of Islam don’t do or believe in such things.

I wonder if this is going to change the way Christians are spoken of? Will we get the same courtesy the next time some crazed individual does something radical? Something unique about Islam is that they do not separate their religion from their politics. In the U.S. there is a mantra for many, “the separation of Church and State.” No such idea exists in Islam, in fact it is the exact opposite. There is no separation. One feeds and drives the other, they are united as one.

In U.S. politics we see the same problems as in religion. Have one stupid act by a person, republican or democrat and the entire party is labeled because of their actions or words. So my wonder is, why are Islam and its followers given such a blind pass?

Don’t draw a picture of Mohammed, because that is Islam’s prophet and it offends them. But, you can create all kinds of cartoons that mock Christianity, Catholicism, Christ, the Virgin Mary, etc… Are we heading away from being “a nation under God” to becoming a nation under Allah? If Christians do not speak up, we may be.

Christians have walked softly for too long around many issues. We need to return to holding up the Scriptures and saying, “This we believe!” We need to hold ourselves and all those who claim to be Christian accountable then we can also hold those who adhere to Islam accountable. We need to remember that there is only one God and He will hold us accountable. So if you put on the name Christian, like those who put on the name Islam, be ready to be judged as such. Just be sure you are following the faith you are claiming.

Pastor Bill