I Challenge You!

downloadIf you are online, or in particular on FaceBook, you likely have seen many of the “challenges” that are going on. Fads such as these come and go, and some are entertaining while others a bit annoying.

Some people try to trap people into an idea of having to post something peculiar if you don’t know an answer to a question posed like the now gone Giraffe challenge, or you respond to some odd post the other person made and now must make a ridiculous post as well. There are challenges to take a different kind of picture of yourself every day for a month and the now famous Ice Water challenge to support various groups, the primary one is for ALS. There are challenges to post things for which you are thankful for a number of days or even post a favorite Bible passage. There are various challenges that ask you to repost a post to “prove” you believe in or support something. There is even a challenge to stay off FaceBook for a certain number of days. (That last one may not be a bad idea.)

How about a real challenge that truly matters, something that can have real blessings or consequences?

Consider the following challenges. I challenge you to…

  • Attend worship at your church every Sunday for 6 weeks straight.
  • Attend Bible Study or Sunday School during those same 6 weeks.
  • Tithe and financially support the church as you pledged when you first joined.
  • Read your Bible every day for an entire month.
  • Set aside a time to pray with everyone in your home every day for a month.
  • Be on time for worship (not minutes late) and stay after worship for several minutes to visit with fellow Christians from your church.
  • Invite 4 people to come to church with you. One a week for a month.

Then, after you complete the challenges, challenge some other Christians to do the same. It’s simply living the Christian lifestyle that we have all pledged to do. Let’s be and live what we say we believe. Those are challenges we should all get behind as children of God. They would certainly bring about a better outcome than any of numerous FaceBook challenges. Are you up to the challenge?

Isn’t God, your God, the only God worth these challenges? Really we shouldn’t have to ever be challenged to live up to these ideals. But, if you don’t already do these things, give it a try and let’s see how much better your life will be. I challenge you!

Pastor Bill