Casual Spirituality


I remember as a child going to church every Sunday. Back then you would never think of wearing jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes to church. I even had a vest and little clip on tie to wear. We were putting on our “Sunday best” for worship.

In a generation before I’ve been told stories of folks who would rise on Sunday morning, put on their church clothes and get on their wagon for the 5 to 10 mile trek into town to go to church. Afterwards they would return home, take off their Sunday best and put on their work clothes and then head out into the field for work.

There wasn’t any discussion about going to church. It’s what you did. There wasn’t any planning involved, you just knew that was part of the week and always part of the plans for Sunday morning.

In today’s world I wonder if people might need to reserve the time on their calendars for worship. We make appointments with doctors, appointments for meetings. We put on our schedule our children’s activities and school events. We plan the vacation and even set aside tome to go to eat or the movies and a host of other things.

But then there is God. And just like making offerings to the church has become an after-thought, meaning that after we have paid for, spent and bought everything else we will give some monies to the church, so also is our plan to or lack of planning to attend worship. We’ll get that lottery ticket or spend x-number of dollars to eat out, but what about setting aside first fruit giving to Christ? If we don’t have anything else to do or as long as company is not in town, or we didn’t stay up too late or… yada…yada…etc…etc… and every other excuse not to worship God.

Maybe we should make an appointment with God. Take out your paper or electronic calendar and mark down for every Sunday an appointment with God in worship and Bible study. Note is as a repeating event on your smart-phone.

You make sure to attend the Rotary or Lion’s club meeting. You wouldn’t miss your favorite TV show. At the very least you’ll record it and watch it later. If you miss church, no big deal, right? Or do you get a copy of the service to watch or listen too? (We actually do that.)

That concert is on the calendar, the party coming up, the plan to meet at the club with the friends, the weekend of camping, the vacation, the game, the doctor appointment.  Why not church?  Isn’t it as important to be in worship as anything else you plan? Perhaps our relationship with Jesus should be less casual and more committed?

What’s on your calendar for Sunday morning? Maybe you should put down that meeting with Jesus before you let something else take its place.

Pastor Bill

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