“Our Faith in Jeopardy”


On nights when I’m home early I like to watch the news. After I’m discouraged by the onslaught of sorrowful stories and dispiriting outlook on the future I turn to something that lifts my spirit and challenges the mind, “Jeopardy!” I’m no trivia wizard. Once in a while there are categories where I can run the answers because they fall within my realm of knowledge and experience. (We have a member of our Holy Cross family who is one of these smartest people in the nation and was on the show. I didn’t ask her permission, so I won’t say her name, but she’s one of the brightest people I’ve ever known.) Most of the time I’ll get a few answers and just listen, amazed at the knowledge of the contestants and the things they know.

There are questions asked which cause me to wonder, who in the world could possibly know that, and yet they do. Then there are times when the question is asked and I know it right away and wonder, who in the world would not know that, and they all miss it.

On Monday, June 16, there was a category that involved an answer derived from a rhyme. These are generally easier as they give the clear details in the note and the word that must be rhymed to get the answer/question. It narrows things down greatly. I do not remember the exact question, but it concerned the name of a book in the Bible that rhymed with something like “famous.” The answers were astounding. The first to buzz in said “What is…Nostradamus?” I was shocked. The second person buzzed in and said “What is Genesis?” Well, at least this one is actually a book in the Bible. The third person did not attempt to answer.

Hopefully you know the answer is “What is…Amos?” But, what I saw were three people; a young man, a middle aged woman and a young lay, all who had no clue when it comes to the Bible. Our mission is clear. There are people all around us whose lives are in “Jeopardy” because they don’t know the Word of God. Do you care about the people around you; the neighbor, the co-worker, the classmate, the friend? If we really care about them, or perhaps in some cases even love them, shouldn’t we be certain they know Jesus? If we aren’t concerned enough to make certain they know the Lord and His Word, then what does that say about the truth of our relationship? We care about you in this life, but we don’t care about seeing you in eternal life? We love you, but hey, you don’t know or love Jesus, so we’ll have some fun here and I’ll kiss you goodbye later when I go off to eternal life.

Who do you know, that you don’t know, what they believe or even understand about Jesus? Do you really care about them? Then show them, by showing them Christ and His Word. If we don’t, not only is their life in Jeopardy, but our faith is in Jeopardy as well, because we certainly are not living up to our calling to go and make disciples. Carpe Diem, Seize the Day, for Jesus.

Wishful thinking, good will, friendship, caring or time, none of these will change a person as they need. But Jesus will. Introduce your friend Jesus to everyone you know. When three of the smartest people in our country can’t come up with the name “Amos,” something’s in Jeopardy. But we have an answer to the question, or the other way around, a question to the answer. What do you need most from me? Who is “Jesus?” (the Son of God and Savior of our world).

Pastor Bill